Octodad: Dadliest Catch App Comentários

Otimo jogo!!!

Esse game para Mobile eu não esperava!

Muito bom

Meus parabéns,ficou muito bom!!!

Jogo divertido, controles péssimos

O jogo é muito legal e divertido, mas os controles são ruins e cansativos... Se mudassem um pouco isso, o jogo seria perfeito!

Jogo instável

Meu filho começa a jogar e o jogo sai sem motivo. Não abaixem antes da correção.



Fun but....

It was very fun! Although I wish that there was more to play for $5. Please update this so we see more of their life!




I’m glad to see this game finally on mobile! I personally thought the controls were easy and I had no problem getting through all the levels! I’ll agree with some other comments, it would be really cool to see other shorts involved! Or other levels! 🐙❤️

Help please

This game is so hard when it deals with climbing that octopus 🐙 it’s so hard can you move those guys who are blocking the stairs I would really appreciate it if you can

Good but hard

The game is good but when I got to the part when your in the store and aquarium I had raaaage😡😡😡😡😡


This game is very fun, I mean come on, you get to be an octopus, but this makes me rage so hard. It takes be at least ten minutes to get one task done! It’s is a very good game though.

Good job😃

Love it once you get used to the controls you can do secrets like the sewer one it’s hard but once u get used to it it’s ez

My Thoughts On Octodad

I think this game is AWESOME! I love playing this and I keep replaying it over and over and over! The only thing I’m confused with is that in the level Silent But Dadly I can’t find the 3rd tie. I’ve played over and over but it’s impossible for me to find. If the creators could explain or fix this I would be happy. But other than that this game is awesome and I recommend it to anyone that hasn’t played it and if I find the tie I will inform you guys. So enjoy the 5 stars and hope everyone likes the game!


Hello Hello! Featherwolf here! Octodad is a enjoyable game for sure. Love the game, the story’s great, graphics 10/10. No loading issues nothin like that. But the controls are a bit difficult. Yes yes I know they are supposed to be hard BUT, I would like a little bit more control. In the kelp forest I’m having difficulty completing the climbing tower because of the controls. Over all great game, a bit more control would be nice. That’s all I have to say except the one star reviews, eh loading issues. Delete and re load. There ya go. Also one more idea. I think there should be a mode where it like skip level? But you should only be able to do it every 10 minutes or so. Sincerely, FeatherWolf (( A.k.a Fooxy ))


The game is fun but the controlled are way to HARD each time I try to switch the legs it uses the same leg then it makes me fall of a ladder that I am trying to climb i’ve been trying to climb the ladder for SOOOOOOOO LONG

Some Terrific Tentacles

I found this game so i downloaded it. It seemed to be fun but weird at the same time. Who marries & octopus? I still like the game! Although I couldn’t quite get past the part where the fish tank leaks. Well this wasn’t the game that made me like octopuses, It was Splatoon 2. Have an inky day. From Omar AlQurashi.

Problem with mfi controller makes game unplayable

Looks like it would be a very cool game, but unfortunately the A button on my mfi controller (steelseries nimbus) doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do (grab stuff). I can see that the button is functional because i can choose elements in the in-game menu, but while playing it’s non-functional. Super frustrating!!!


I love this game but the limbs are hard to control

Legs don’t work

When you try to go up a ladder your legs will swing around it and you can’t get up it. Other than that it’s a good game.

I like it

It's frozen and I can't spell rightpoooooooo

Good but controls bad and super hard

The game is to hard because of the controls it’s crazy like I can’t do anything right



The game is so much fun!

I just love the game


It’s so hard to climb up stuff it should be more easy to climb stuff and I always get very mad when I fall down

Amazing game I stayed on this game for about 3hours


Good but could use some extra content every once in a while

I love this game but, it could use some more content

Impossible level PLEASE READ!!!

I love this game but theres an impossible level and it’s the dance floor at the aquarium can you add an update where you remove the dance floor and if you don’t know what I’m talking about I’m talking about the one in the deep dark ocean


When I first started playing it was easy and fun but here were times when I had to set my phone down and do something else because I was so mad, because of the controls, like in the level where the Chef took the family to the cafeteria to tell them how the dad was an Octopus, I couldn’t keep a foot in the edge, because when you’d move the other foot, you’d most likely go flying. You’d fall off to easily cause you can’t control it. I have one question though, is the hot concessions the last level? Because when I get to the end card where it’s the movie credits, I’ll wait till EVERYBODY leaves and then I’ll follow Scarlett, Stacey, and Tommy out of the movie theater, and then it will take me to the starter page. It’ll say “Resume Hot Concessions” and I’ll click that, and it will completely restart to when the chef was telling the family about it.


Add more levels add more stuff like levels free roam things very cool but in my opinion I liked this game carry much but once I finished all them I kinda got bored tangent I would delete it then download it and then play thru all the levels again and do that a lot but I just recently downloaded it again and now I writing this review

You should make #2

You should make Octodad #2 when starlet and him have another baby or something like that that would be awesome please take my advice

Great game but

Awesome game but it needs to be longer it is vary fun u should also move ware you switch hands and feet

It’s astonishing!

I’ve heard of this being released on iOS and as soon as I got it, I beat the game in 0 hours 31 minutes 12 seconds. (Record time) *I put on a stopwatch to track the time.*


Love the App! It’s awesome! I think it’s actually not that hard to control. The only thing is that please add more shorts because I’ve played the game over and over and it’s getting boring. Also please make the ties appear, I’ve had two ties that haven’t appeared 1: 3rd Amazon arcade It doesn’t appear! 2: silent but dadly I go to the gift shop and it’s not under the tables. I’ve gone to websites and they all tell me the same thing, the ties are in the same place but there not! Please fix this!


I love this game so much fun fun fun!


Like spend the whole day on this game


This game is very fun as well as funny but one thing is that is is very frustrating. I think they should also have more setting options. This game is for kids and I think if you want to use certain controls this game should let you do that. But all in all, I think this game was worth playing.

Cringy, BAD controllers, and IMPOSSIBLE

First of all this game is horrible. The controllers are impossible to use, especially on iPad. You can't even climb up the octopus in World of Kelp I'm telling you, DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. It is cringy, bad, and impossible. I will actually give this a five star rating if they AT LEAST add a joy stick and an option to jump.


This is so amazing and fun! And also virtual and funny! I recommend this!

Beat the game in 3:30

The controls are really good just hard getting used to it at first. I loved the game it was really challenging. You’re going to have to learn to climb up stairs really quick and the movement gets better with time. Controls are excellent once you get used to them. Worth every penny 10/10 would do it again.

I want a refund.

Hello, I would like to have a refund from this game because it was not fun, it gets boring quickly, and there is hardly anything to do. It was not worth 5 dollars and I would like my money back.

Worth it

I’ve played this game multiple times, always completing it. I love this game. the controls are pretty difficult at first, but you get used to it. the “omg its so hard to control!” reviews are dumb tbh, the point is that you are an OCTOPUS, pretending to be a HUMAN. And not having like, human features, and walking on LAND, of course its gonna be somewhat hard. But, you could add more content. Like new special sides, like how he was a doctor or went on a date. But obviously you cant keep on adding more and more, the creators can make more games and they have a life other than accomplishing your wants for new levels. I would be happy for new things in the game, but as I said, they have a life. I rated it 5 stars bc the game itself is amazing! I’m not going to downgrade to 4 just because of the fact that there is not enough content. (I’m not saying there is not enough btw) So thank you for this game!

Great game...But

This game is a lot of fun but I find it incredibly hard to climb ladders. it is so frustrating trying to climb them, it had me in tears trying to do it. And also there is an audio issue I can’t hear anything unless I have headphones I can hear if there plugged in but if I unplug them I can’t hear anything and I have the volume all the way up I even went into the settings and made sure the audio was all the way up. It’s very annoying because my headphones have a short in the wire so I have to hold the cord and it makes it very difficult to play the game. But overall the game itself is very fun and I recommend it. But I do wish it was a bit longer.

Thanks 😎

I wanted to play this game forever then I saw it and I got it!!! But I thought it was a remake until I realized that it was the game!!!😎😎😎😎👍🏻😄

Best EVER!

So I had this before but it got deleted,but the game is just...THE BEST I would recommend. 🤩


On mobile it WAY to hard and you cant control your limbs that much. I dont like it.


What the hell ITS GREATEST

Terrible controls and frustrating gameplay

To me this game is garbage because the controls make the nes controls look like the best around.

Great game but read this anyway

In the latest update it made a bug which makes the game impossible to complete in the episode home sweet home during the chef scene he immediately lets go of the birdhouse making the level and therefore the game impossible to complete this is a bad thing for new players who started playing during the latest update Ok it’s a day after I wrote the last part and now I can’t grab the shark costume in the level silent but dadly I think the game is getting slowly consumed by a virus. Ok it turns out I did some stuff the wrong way and these are not bugs I am sorry.

One of the best games I've ever played one of the hardest games I've ever played

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Love it but

you should add more movie parts because it’s kinda short so please add some more scenes


I need my money back plz

I love it!

Great! I love this game and find the story quite interesting. Great for anyone that wants to stay playing for hours at a time. Thank You for reading this.

I like it but

This game is awesome but the controls are hard to use. Whoever made this game needs to make the controls easier.

Awesome game!😃

This game is unbelievable, I can’t believe anyone can program or code this! Its funny, fun, and, I can’t stop playing it! The content and graphics are straight on point! But, I’ve already finished the shorts and the game. And ,on most reviews they have to. I think it would really help bring more people to buy your game , and me and other people interested if you would add more shorts, and add a lot more to the game! I think every-time you update the game you should add more to the shorts and the actual game! Don’t get me wrong, I love it! But that’s just something to take in consideration. I love the game and it would be a lot better if you would add more to the story’s , the game, and shorts ! It just gets boring after you finish everything. And since I finished everything , I wouldn’t mind to delete the app. I will keep it just in case you did decide to add more. But after a lot of people are done with the levels and everything , I’ve noticed they are deleting it, my friends as well! Please take this in consideration , and still, The app is awesome , and I loved the game! Thumbs up for me! But take my idea in consideration please. Thank you for reading my review. Sorry if it was a little , or a lot. But , I just want you all to have more people to play your game, and me updated and interested.

Best game ever!

I got this game for 3 days now and I am addicted! Some levels are frustrating but after you get done with them it's even better. It is worth the money😀

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