Octodad: Dadliest Catch App Reviews

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World of kelp playground

I love this game but I can not clime that stupid playground

Please consider

Love this game but I finished it a long time ago and I replayed it finding all the ties will you add more stuff to do?!

Fun but....

I love this game its super fun but it needs more levels cause I love it but I stopped playing cause of no more levels


Its so cool but so hard to control the octopus

Hey!got past the sushi part but...

Hi!i love this awesome game!But I got it over the weekend and beat it the next day

It gets worse as you go

Through the game I kept on getting stuck. I tried to look online for help and people say that "they were lucky", this is not a game for people who want to win unless your willing to put up with horrible gameplay and achievements you need luck for.


HELLO ISNT IT OBVIOUS?? Its too hard to control for anybody and I keep falling at the world of kelp and it make me just want to scream you need to make it a little easier to control plus when I go to move my leg it just starts shaking everywhere the legs are too hard to even freaking control every time I want to move I just fall off something you need to fix this now because its way too hard to control!!

Doesnt work

I just bought this on iPad 3 and it wont do anything but freeze every time it opens I want a refund

What are the controllers to play with two players

How do you play with to players but the game is amazing

To hard

The controls are waaaaaaaayyyyy to hard to control, Im on my iPad and Ive been stuck on trying to get up the octopus thing in the world of kelp for 2 days WASTE. OF. MONEY.

Too little game

I love the game but theres nothing else to do


I hate That game so much u cant even do it it is so hard I want my money back

Octodad 2!!!!

I love octodad but I would really love octodad 2 with more levels and shorts such a fun game


October dad is a great game but I did the objective and it wont let me complete it


This game was flat out worth 5 dollars awesome fufilling and funny, btw it would be awesome if you made a second one


This is one of my favorite games,but I try to play it with my friends but it says I have to add like another controller? Please fix and if you can make a second one or some more shorts or something but if you do please make it longer. Thank you!

So much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This app is so much fun! Though I sometimes wish there were more shorts. But ether than that its a great app!


Ok I am at the deep sea part and I think this is one of the worst games I have ever played



Amazing game

This game is amazing, five dollars well spent. The controls are wonky, but that makes it fun! The game has an interesting plot, and an amazing voice cast, and animation studio! I definitly reccomend this game.

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