Octodad: Dadliest Catch App Reviews

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Freezing and Lagging but still awesome

This game is so fun and I played this on the computer but now I can play it on here I was so happy but now every time I go on when Im in the middle of the game it freezes than shuts down and doesnt save what I played before please fix


Graphics are great, no lag and better controls then you would think. I totally recommend this to anyone who doesnt get frustrated too easily!

Good but......

The game is good but it needs to be fixed it keeps freezing


Very good game works smoothly on my iPod 5

Great, but one Problem.

The game is great! Although, at the part when you have to knock the Chef off of the boat, It glitches out and there is no boat on the crane. So I am stuck on that part.

Fun game to pass the time

This is a really fun game if you have time on your hands, say youre bored, its the weekend, or youre on a car ride, this is perfect. If you are very impatient, then I dont recommend it, but even I like it and if you ask me I get pretty frustrated easily.

IPhone 4

Pls make it available for IPhone 4 evan if the graphics arent the same i wanna play with my lil bro

Fun but keeps crashing

It keeps crashing at the aquatic fun center on my iPad mini (1st generation) iOS 8.1 and iOS 9.1 after I updated. Game also lags at each checkpoint. Please fix.


Please fix the bug where you cant use legs

Good, but crashes

I just updated it and it was supposed to help with crashing, but it loads almost all the way to the level I was on, and then crashes. it also gives me a low memory warning and says close other running apps when I have no apps running other than the game. Please help? I payed over $5 for this and I dont want to have that money gone to waste.


It wont let me download the app, I wasted $5.47 on a game I cant play. Thanks a lot whoever made this horrible game!!!!!


I hate when it crashes every time I try to play the second level it crashes right away!

It drops atomatily

It keeps dropping things attomaticly and make some parts so hard

Need help

Ok I never tried it before but I got the I pad mini first gen maybe put the game level down to 0 so you wouldnt take all the storage of your device also maybe it will stop your game from crashing and freezing maybe it would help stop the lag maybe.

Crash Bug

My game crashes when it tries to load the aquarium.




I finished the game but its lagging on one of the shorts when I have to fill our juice cups


do not buy this app will feature the controls but its still fun

RIP my battery

I have a 6S+ and this game used up 80% of my battery in ONE HOUR! My phone was literally hot to the touch. This game is fun and hard to control (but thats the point), but holy @%*?! Is it taxing on the processor!

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